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Originally Posted by Dogsbody
So, we're at the Sportsman show in TO and I say "ooo, look! Pretty gun." and my wife says "Do you want the pretty gun?" and I say "Yes, please." So she says "I will get it for you on one condition." and I say "what's that?" and she says " That you go out and play with it on a regular basis. No sitting around at home admiring it. You have to go out and find people to play with."
That's right!
I have the perfect wife. And that's why I'm here.
It's not the only reason but it's the one that makes all others possible.

Much the Same here, My wife just pitched in to get me a RS Type 56 and now she wants to get me some mags for it and new boots. I love my woman, every guy should be as lucky as me and Dogsbody here. I can't wait to game this gun!
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