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yeah i was thinking about that and i guess it's just like a propane bottle or spray paint can or anything eh - you can shake it to feel when it's getting empty - anyways just something I was wondering - basically I was trying to figure out the cost of each shot. BB's are around 1cent each or whatever so I was trying to compare to the cost of C02/HPA and paintballs...hehehe.....I am so glad there is something MORE than you can buy a crap load of bb's and they don't go bad like paint (i don't think so-do they after while??) and you don't have to go to Crappy tire or some other overpriced place to get filled if you live in a small town!! What - just go to the gas station or radio shack and buy some propane/duster gas....thanks for the replies guys! p.s. I'm a poet.
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