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I am now too looking into this issue....

Couple of things wrong in this whole thread.

1) Everyone who has no business in this sale should have shut the fuck up ans stayed out of it.

2) Qlong should have received an SL8 back in the mail, not having it being held ransom. He did offer a refund, which was turned down in exchange for a KSC G23f, which unless all of a sudden they've become cheap is a $350 gun last time I bought one.

3) dutch13 you allowed a non age verified member access to the buy/sell forums when Winnipeg has one of the largest pools of Verifiers in the west. This is against the rules, your own verification is now under review.

4) Once this is solved and straightened out, someones going to get a kicking.

As Drake said I only want to see the parties involved, staff or Amos who has been asked to check into this for the staff in here. Anyone else may face the wrath of my temp ban hammer.
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