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1. April Fool's is over so pay attention cuz I'm serious (and work-related pissed right from the start)

2. If you aren't directly involved in this deal you can stop posting on this thread. Exception to Amos because he can help out and Rugger_Can cuz he had the best reply.

3. ducth13, congratulations, you successfully circumvented the AV system by giving a non-AV'd person access to the classifieds. That's grounds for permanently losing your AV status right off the bat. Your name is now involved and "slandered" because you got the ball rolling in the first place. I strongly advise you to make yourself small and overly accommodating cuz your name is on this transaction.

4. Whoever has the SL8 (Dutch13 or Dutch's friend or Clint Eastwood, I don't give a fuck) comes across as a douche. He needs to send the guns back (and maybe explore the wonderful world of paintball). If he's genuinely worried he'll get ripped off, maybe Amos would be willing to act as an escrow (dude?).


There's also claims some ASC staff was involved. AFAIK no staff was contacted, so I'd like some names. I also want that gun tech to come on record on this thread (no I'm not chasing him down, he comes to me, here).

2nd edit

Qlong, would like to hear your proposed solution to this. Full refund and return to status quo? Complete the agreed upon transaction (return SL8 and you send slide and stuff)?

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