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Well enough with all of this
To begin with my buddy came on here with me, because he was not age verified yet and wanted an AEG.
I brought my buddy on here to purchase the gun for his birthday. He found the gun that he liked and bought it from Qlong. He had issues with it right from the get go. So he took it in to a very reputable gun tech in which he told him that the gun had substandard internals. Meanwhile he had thought that this gun was of complete CA parts and found out that it was all lower standard JG. So he contacted him about the issue in which Qlong told him that he would send him an automatic G23 with a metal slide. So he sent him the G23 without the metal slide in which my friend told him that he would wait to send him the sl8 until he sent him the slide, just to cover his own ass considering he paid 500 for the sl8 and an auto G23 is not worth that at all. So from my understanding the deal went sour and now my name is being slandered all over these forums, even though the deal went on outside of ASC because he did not want to use my account. He has read everything that is on here, and is more than willing to send the SL8 back, but wants the slide he was promised.
To be honest, this deal was made outside of ASC and should be kept outside ASC. All parties should man up and deal with it.
Qlong, contact him, you have his email as well as his phone number.
All my trader feedback has been nothing but positive on here, and no one stole anything, it's been a miscommunication and it needs to be resolved. He, himself has been calling me everyday wondering what he should do. He feels himself that he has been burned.
If you don't want to believe than that's fine, but i've been nothing but faithful to this community and am willing to do anything for it.
So the two parties should contact each other and figure this out, slandering my name all over this website won't help.
Thanks very much for reading
Lee McCaw
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Yes it is hard to find an Instructor that teaches how to Finger, Suck, Squeeze and Blow all at the same time.
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