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Cybergun FAMAS springer... to my surprise

Originally Posted by wil86 View Post
Hey guys I'm pretty new to airsoft so I want to start out with something simple, easy to use, durable, inexpensive, and not a sidearm. I'm not familiar with the brand names or anything, and I've seen some good deals in the states but I hear that having it shipped up here will be an issue. thanks.
Because we had shotgun and pistol night (no aeg) I needed a springer rifle, and did NOT want to spend a lot of money.

So I purchased a cybergun FAMAS springer for about 40$...

To my absolute surprise it turned out to be an amazing gun (with crapy sights) compared to a shot gun rapid rate of fire(crank position) precision was similar to my cqb gun.

(Crylon it black and still love it)



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