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Wasaga beach/Soldier gear paintball when they do have a game there only require Sealed goggles... I use JT goggles that are rated for airsoft and a mouth guard and a Shemagh.

Fields that I know of that allow airsoft are Wasaga Beach, Soldier Gear (in the winter mostly) Sgt. Splatter, CQB and Defcon
There are no JT paintball goggles rated for airsoft... JT themselves have made a point of relaying this to customers... If you like you can verify the information yourself by calling JT and asking them. JT products clearly state for use in paintball games only.

Save Phace masks are the only full face masks that are duel rated for both paintball and airsoft. On the Save Phace website you will see two different types of masks. Ones for paintball and the another line that have a ballistic rating that are specifically rated for use in airsoft as well as paintball.

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