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Oh, and would this be a good battery for the VFC SCAR-L? Or should I go with LiPos/LFPs. Although I have very very little experience in airsoft, I actually work with LiPos and Lithium Ions on a daily basis (I'm a battery/power co-op at RIM). But these are probably much different. Much higher discharge/charge rates, high caps, and higher nominal/max voltages.

And which batteries on would fit in this gun? It says recommended 9.6V mini small brick or split style but I'm not sure what this means. It looks like every single battery on there are all different shapes. :/

Would this fit?

Originally Posted by Chayce View Post
I wish I could upload a few gameplay videos of me on Alliance of Valiant Arms for you guys to compare to.

I am not familiar with airsoft.

What my question is, does the element of surprise work on a typical airsoft match?

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