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face protection and hello

hi guys, its been a long time since iv been here and even longer since iv played airsoft i just recently started to get back into it and its so different now so many new companies and retailers and manufactures its crazy. im really happy and excited to see how far airsoft has come in canada. im gunna get av'ed this week and hopefully make it out to a game asap and i was just wondering what kind of face protection are u guys wearing?? i read that alot of paintball fields require paintball masks. do they make any exceptions for balaclavas and just the goggles for airsofters? also what kind of masks or goggles and face protection are u guys wearing im curious because i was gunna go with a thick balaclava and just goggles but if most of the games are being held at paintball fields that require full masks then im just gunna get a full mask i was skimming over the game section and was wondering is there any fields in ontario now that cater more to airsoft? thanks for any info guys, cant wait to get out there and shoot you guys up

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