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Originally Posted by TokyoSeven View Post
That is a fantastic question and honestly I have never run into the issue myself.
However it would be safe to presume that a real cap would suffer the same issues as any low or midcap would.

If anyone runs real caps it would be appreciated if you could toss in your 2cents right now on the topic.
Star 30rnd m4/ak realcaps DO NOT take into account the 3-4 bb's dropped from the mag on release. Which means you get 27ish shots per mag.

Even using the newer hopup's with the rubber retainer... those 3-4 bb's will be in the NEXT magazine.

A good "trick" to simulating real loads is to use a low cap, and count the BB's going in. Most speed loaders push 4-6 BB's every time the plunger is depressed: 35 divided by 5 = 7. Seven plunger pushes and you've got yourself a "real cap".

Obviously this is something each person will do differently, and if a game requires real cap only... then it's an honor system for each person to load his or her mags appropriately.

My .02

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