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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
And yet, the JG Thundermaul crosses the border and is available from several retailers, despite having a regular M4 under its furniture...
Go tell CBSA let to update their FRT. and soon they'll be denied too.

Alright folks here's hows gonna work.

Here's your homework.
1) Read through Memorandum D19-13-2
2) Read through The Firearm Act
3) Read through Criminal Code Section 2

Once you done that you will figure out the defination of replica is flawed.

General rule,
if it looks like a gun,
that is not clear, or out of porportion in size (eg a rocket launcher smaller than a hand)
not an antique its a replica
does not cause serious injury or death (blinding an eye IS NOT a serious injury. I don't care, The CBSA don't care, the Laws DOES NOT CARE IF YOU GO BLIND, it is not a serious injury)

If it's clear, out of porportion in size
Antqiue Firearm Replica (often refers to as muskets. Gew98 is NOT an antique)
Causes severe injury and death

1) You import a totally clear gun, it's not replica
2) You import a gun that is 1/12 size of real one, its not a replica
3) You import an airsoft musket pistol (there's one brand made in China) its not a replica
4) You import a pellet gun which can probably kill an old lady in 80s in 5 shots 5 feet away from here, it is not a replica. **

**If it can kill people effective enough with sufficient velocity and kinetic energy it will require firearm license and registeration assuming it is not on the prohibited list.

Should you import it? No
Can you import it? Yes
Can you import legally and successfully without BFL? Yes
Can I do it now? Did you read through the three assignment?
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