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Stan the Hitman
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Well guys, Goblin`s blog has made it official. the double barrel version is coming.

``We are getting very close to the final design for our new double barrel kit for the GOBLIN SOLO. It is going to be a mad max style double barrel with the ability to add a top rail for accessories or to mount it under your primary, a-la grenade launcher style. The grip extension will also give you more to grip. Funny how that works. We are going to get our barrel sizer kits in soon so you won't have to mess around with shims to get a tight fit on the paintballs``

If im correct, William Defoe could be seen using the prototype mounted on an crossbow to slay those pesky twilight vampires in the 2009 movie ``Daybreakers`` :lol:

Cant wait to see it!
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