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Originally Posted by kullwarrior View Post
Usually give these to your aver
1st to remind them
1st week to remind
2nd week to Av'er as well as Greentip see if its actually in process.
So I'm not patient enough. I just don't like being a nag.

As for coming out, I got into airsoft as a cheaper, quieter, cleaner and more indoor alternative to shooting rather than powder burners, airguns and paintball (maybe a bit of crossbow and archery). I like trigger time and it really helps me relax as shooting is very meditative for me (yes, even when gaming which is very counterintuitive). As such, I shoot indoors to relieve stress and have fun. I'm particularly fond of GBB because I miss the recoil that PB have, but airguns don't usually offer. And in airsoft, GBB is incredibly appealing because propane is way cheaper than CO2 or even a box of .22 (I know this first hand). Reading this, you're probably aware that I purchased from retailers who don't age verify and it's now biting back. I purchased an AEG a short while ago to see what it was like. While impressed by how they resemble real steel firearms, it wasn't what I was looking for so now I want to sell it. Airsoft Canada also seems to be the only place where I can sell it but I need to be age verified and I completely understand. Shed some light as to where I'm coming from.
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