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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Isn't that like super illegal? I would assume that if the CFO or RCMP heard about this they would stir up a shitstorm. Sure it was safe this time but what happens if the next time you're buying an AR-15 and it gets stolen? Shouldn't there be a higher standard for firearms deliveries making sure the person is who they say they are and they have a PAL or something? Though I once did hear of an AR-15 getting tossed in the bushes and the owner freaking out or something until they found it in the bushes, yeah that's just not cool.

I've had the delivery person sign the package with a random scrawl before but most of the time the people who do my neighbourhood are pretty good and leave the notice and drop it off at the local CP package drop off centre.
Due to the amount of theft at Canada Post it is recommended that you NEVER tell them what you are shipping, especially if it is a firearm.

I've talk to two people who have had restricted firearms left on their porch. Let me tell you that they gave the folks at CP hell over that! Considering you can't even pick-up a restricted from the post office without a STATT.

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