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Originally Posted by Doombringer View Post
Brokerage fees are only applied when you select the cheapest delivery option with UPS/FedEx. They do not charge it when you select another option than Ground Shipping.

Et pour Pat, juste demande au shipper d'exiger une signature, ils vont l'envoyer au Vachon au centre de TMR si t'est pas chez toi. Mais souvent TMR, meme si y demandent pas de signature ils laissent pas les gros paquets devant chez toi (avec Canada Post). UPS les laisse devant chez toi.
I went for regular US Post option, the cheapest and slowest one they had, then I find out UPS had left a slip on my door. Wasn't even a delivery service, I chose the basic US postal one they had. Didn't think that UPS would be cheaper than "snail mail".
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