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Originally Posted by Palucol View Post
only fedex and ups will leave a package at the door when nobody's home.....Canada Post doesnt do that..... :P
Not UPS from my experience, I ordered four C11 mags from the US back in December, total with shipping was $38, twice UPS showed up at my door while I was at work and left notices that I had a package and they needed their $20 brokerage fee. Notice said they'd try a third time to reach me then they'd send the package back to the retailer. I had to call UPS and say I'd pick it up at their depot and pay the fee (fuckers made my mags 1/3 more expensive).

Don't know about any brokerage fees applied to items sent within Canada, but is the second time UPS has charged brokerage fees to me (first time was $100 for a leather flight jacket I bought in 2002).
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