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I am quite surprised everyone reacts in such a drastic way.. I never heard of ppl not playing paintball or airsoft in the forest... sheesh.. I've been raised and live in a city for over 23 years. but sheesh city ppl are pretty stuck up and don't seem to know how country rules are different than city rules.. anyways, no matter.
They're not stuck up, they're worried about the delicate nature of the sport. I'm pretty new myself, but I've learned that playing on anything but certified fields is a big no-no. It's one thing to be out in the woods shooting a hunting rifle or duck gun, it's quite another to be caught by RCMP or what have you carrying mock-up assault rifles and wearing full tactical gear. "Country rules" and "city rules" have no effect on the law, and if old grandma Taylor sees you guys running around with these guns she'll call in just about everything but the marines. And I can guarantee you the RCMP won't be happy about it.
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IN the earlier days, craftsmen carved the components out of wood and stone. BBs were made from dried fruit.
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