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Originally Posted by Kronin View Post
Yes there is a KFC out my window, how did you know?

Thanks for all the feedback, I completely understand the sentiment and I agree... as with many other hobbies that we provide to the public, you really have to know what is what.

I would love to get involved in some AS action locally, I think it is right up my alley. The only problem is time. In my business I am already involved in a half-dozen hardcore hobbies, work 6 days per week and have a family of 5...

In any case I would certainly not intend to sell AS to anyone under 18 years of age.
We've got two local locations we've been playing at a lot, games vary from weekly to bi-weekly as the season picks up; as well as travelling to Regina several times a year for larger milsims.

Now that we've got some local places to play time isn't as much of an issue anymore, it's easy to just do a couple games for 2-3 hours. Used to be our only real option was going to Regina for the day; up at 5-6AM depending on the start time, get home anywhere from 10-12PM.

Oh, BTW, you've got some good salespeople. Friendly, knowledgeable, almost got me going on a new hobby as well as airsoft. (which would have sucked a LOT of my airsoft money away lol)
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