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Originally Posted by wildcard View Post
Dboys place in all this are in a deep dark corner of shitville between two of the ugliest, dirtiest, STD infested whores. For your 1st AEG stick with King Arms or Classic Army........which model you may ask? well an m4 with version 2 gearbox are like a stuck up high school cheerleader, they don't like extreme cold and they are a never ending money pit, you'll end up buying more parts or other cosmetic stuff to make it pretty. A version 3 gearbox AEG are like your work horse, they will work no matter what the temp is like and beat the shit out of it.

AEG are almost all the same, they differs in bodystyle and finish teh more established company like King Arms, Classic Army and G&P have better finished bodies without the fitment/finish issue, teh internal gearbox is a different story, i have personally built a $1500 gearboxes in my days and it still break so now i stick to only version 3 with minimal mods. it's a proven workhorse that will not fail you, especially if you go with quality company. if you cheapen out and get clones you may get lucky have no issue or you may end up spending more than what the clone AEG cost you to make it work like the more established manufacturer.

Lol. I just recommended to him some things in the ver3 line just for that very reason.

Originally Posted by wildcard View Post
Obviously you never seen the ultra leet noob that spend almost $1000 to get their CYMA, DBoys working flawlessly yet. they do exist out there and yes we laughed at them on the field when they bust out the tool kit to fix shit up before the start of a game or when they ask around if anyone can help them fix things.
omigawd, busted a gut on that one!!

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