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you need to consider several things when choosing boots like where you're playing, the type of surface that you're playing on like urban indoor or outdoor or sand or clay or rock or etc etc etc, are there SNAKES....yes, i've heard of guys getting snake bites and sent to hospital because they didnt wear boots that might've prevented it.

if you play on all of the above than you might want to consider multiple pairs. alot of boots are designed for more quasy specific surfaces...soles of desert/tan boots can be alot harder for stability when walking on the beach....magnums, 511's, original swat, oakley can be more catered to the concrete jungle etc etc etc...

so put ALOT of thought into what you're using them for. all boots have respective pro's and cons for your individual usage.

but one thing is to budget what you can manage...note...i didnt say afford....what you can manage. might take a bit longer but good boots will support, protect and a really good pair will help reduce the amount of crying the dogs do at the end of the day.
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