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Originally Posted by caseycotes View Post
Ok I am a paintball retailer and a video game retailer actually and I wanna hold airsoft products. I guess , asc is the best place to have answer to these questions.

Wich brand do you prefer (Legal in Canada)
Does it exist a chronograph to verify the FPS of airsoft replicas ?
Should I hold entry, mid and high end replicas ?
Start by getting Age Verified, coming out to events and getting know in the community, otherwise you're facing a steep uphill battle.

You should also become familiar with airsoft rather than just parachuting in and deciding you want to sell airsoft; there exist a great number of chronies for airsoft, which you'd know about if you'd even done a moderate amount of research into airsoft.

It really sounds like you're just seeing airsoft as a business opportunity; "tell me what you'd like" and you'll sell it and $profitssss$

Unfortunately we already have a "retailer" like that in Montreal, we don't really need another.
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