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Originally Posted by bean View Post
Its supposedly takes CO2 better then the madbull. I will let you know when i get one although the plastic caps for it are nice.
Originally Posted by deadbolt View Post
the 40MM rounds are kinda like the rap4 ones.
they are essentially the same as the MadBull ones. There are subtle differences in the valve design where these ones have a point and the MB ones are flat.

the MB XMPB4's have no issues with CO2 at 900psi so I don't see how these are suppose to take CO2 better.

Originally Posted by bean View Post
Well with the rubber end caps that you can get you can put them in any order the end cap works as wadding. They will also have some videos up on youtube so there easier to watch. I will post them when they are up.
save your money and searching for those caps when you've fired the nade. use a tissue (kleenex) wad. I won't give my secret for a quick and secure wadding as you'll all have to figure that our for yourself!
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