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If you're looking into GBB's I'd appreciate some KSC/KWA pistols (but I prefer KSC Japan or Taiwan ver.). They're getting pretty hard to find even outside of Canada right now, I don't know what's up with KSC. just none of the Asian retailers seem to have KSC stock or only remnants.

If I may ask though what shop is this that sells paintball stuff and video games?

Although it's a good idea to have "horizontal integration" and diversifying from a very specific niche you don't want to ruin your niche and get in over your head. You're a business owner so think about it and do this slowly get your stuff sorted out and get your market research done (ie. like you're doing right now right here) and you'll be good to go.

I personally am looking to get an RS Type-56 or some Classic airsoft so I'm probably not going to be purchasing unless you get High Quality products like RS, VFC, and G&P.
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