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Originally Posted by CimmShark View Post
On the whole window shopping point though. When I see an item that I like often I'll ask the buyer a question or 2 about the item and tell them straight up that I am just looking for more information on their item before I make a decision. And then based on what they respond with I may or may not go through with the purchase. Some say this is wrong because it's a tease, that you're just window shopping. In the end though it's my money until I say, yes I'd like to purchase the item. Buying something online without looking into it first is just stupid, most sellers are trust worthy but their are a few who try and slip a fast one by selling what they dont advertise. All of that can be taken care of however without being rude or causing ill feelings towards the other person.

Your welcome to do that. you really are. And Having worked in professional sales for many years I completely understand your right to do so as a consumer.

Its also your obligation as a member of the ASC community to not be a douche and not treat its members as your personal shoppers. Show some respect thats all we are asking. Only ask questions if you have a vested interest. Period
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