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I agree with the posts above.
I am VERY friendly with people who wants to buy my stuff or with people I want to buy there stuff, Its common sense.

Like others said, if you are being an ass over a PM or email or msn when you ask some questions, you probably are an ass. And people here, I believe, don't want to deal with assholes. When I PM someone about something I want, I am waiting for a kindly and friendly answer. And I am sure the other Users when they PM someone, they feel the same. Just the matter that the person would pm me back with a rude attitude or something like that, I wont buy from him. Simple as that.

Are you fucking serious? If there is something I can't stand is Flaking.
Lets leave it there...

Why but WHY? I don't mean for example: the price is 70$ + shipping and you offer 65$shipped (a small and not heavy Item) That's a fair deal.

Example 2: The price is 450$ + shipping and you get an offer for 300$ shipped ... Now THAT'S ridiculous.

My little rant\
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