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VFC make a BAR (and some other neat stuff)...Viva makes a Sten

AEG's are basically a fancy weapon resembling shell that holds a mechbox, motor and battery.

Mechboxes, motors and batteries are replaceable, repairable and upgradable. So can inner barrels, hopups, hopup rubbers, etc...

Front ends, grips, stocks, etc... can be swapped out as well to repair/alter the external look of your rifle.

Receivers (the "body" of the rifle)...are much harder to get/swap (in general).

The fit and finish of the external parts on "good" guns...cannot be duplicated/modded/tuned on "cheaper" guns....although the "cheaper" ones will sort of look like the better ones, up close and in handling they are not. Some are pretty good though. the best "shell" you can. The price points will be typically higher...and you'll typically get a decent mechbox and other internals as well at that price range.

VFC, Real Sword, some TM's, some CA's, metal G&G's, King Arms

If you want a PTW you don't get a's Systema or bust. (There's Celcius, but you'd be hard pressed to find recommendations for that one)

GBBR's I like the WE WETTI/AWSS as a CQB gun so far...a G&P magna system build rocks, just haven't put in enough time with them myself yet.

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