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Originally Posted by Manaconda View Post
Go with te one with the leas headaches. These include parts, mech box, mags, upgrades and looks.

All this adds up to....
AK 47/74
When you want the job done right use ana AK.

Seriously tho. TM, ICS, Western ARMS and sometimes just sometimes JG.
I think you mean King Arms not Western Arms, WA only makes GBB/Rs none of which are AK's.

What types of brands should I be looking for?
Varies from person to person but as far as i'm concerned in order from best to worst...

-Real Sword
-G&P and VFC(tie)

-TM and ICS(tie)
-Anything from walmart

There are a couple others but this is a good basic list some people will rearrange things a bit but you get the idea, for your price range brands to look for are highlighted in red.

As far as i'm concered when it comes to GBB again best to worse,

-Western Arms(Beats everyone by a mile, King of GBBs)
-Shitty clone brands

Spend all your money on your AEG though this is just for reference, pistols arn't necessary at all, i just like them.
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You can tell a person over and over that 4 + 5 = 9 and show them the mechanics of how addition works, but at the end of the day when you look into their eyes you know damn well that in their heads they still see 4 + 5 = pineapple.
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Harden the fuck up, you liberal pussies.
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