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Originally Posted by GBear View Post
What types of brands should I be looking for?
That is like asking what car you should buy at the xmas table... or what hockey team is the best...

Here even asking if bullpups are better then conventional will drag on for weeks...

DON'T DO IT !!! or you will go insane!!!

BoGain gave you the most wizdow you will get on ASC

Originally Posted by BoGrain
Remember one golden rule - Impulse Buy usually turned out to be costly and ruin your airsoft experience

First try out various models by asking people at an event.
Narrow down which one you like
Look for specs, cost, upgrade possibility, spare parts availability, mag availability etc.
Check the doctor's corner to check if thread on your chosen gun pop up often (usually a good indication of the general quality of the build)
Read reviews if available
Then, you can buy without worrying about making a bad decision.

Best of luck in choosing your aeg.

Now be brave and do your homework...

Cheers Mate,


To give you an idea of what will happen if you ask.... I think ICS for the price... because of maintenance concerns, hopup quality and pricing is a good buy!!!... here it goes...

On the down side... slit gearbox is specific...

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