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Good advice...

Originally Posted by BoGrain View Post
Remember one golden rule - Impulse Buy usually turned out to be costly and ruin your airsoft experience

First try out various models by asking people at an event.
Narrow down which one you like
Look for specs, cost, upgrade possibility, spare parts availability, mag availability etc.
Check the doctor's corner to check if thread on your chosen gun pop up often (usually a good indication of the general quality of the build)
Read reviews if available
Then, you can buy without worrying about making a bad decision.

Best of luck in choosing your aeg.
Amen Braw... the classified are FILLED with impulse buys... and leg holsters

If your not sure buy a commun all around model your can unload quickly WHEN you change your mind... yet again... like the rest of us!



PS And remember only people who pay 2000$ for they AEG tell you they will keep them until they kick the bucket... that because the rest of us sell at a small loss and switch to something else...

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