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Originally Posted by BoGrain View Post
to sum it up
Gas rifles tend to be not new user friendly in terms of cost and maintenance

New USERS tend to be un-awares of how things works...AEG or GBBR. There are simply more AEG users/info out there to spoon feed them.

Case in point with last night's "My new gun doesn't work - HELP"....answered by many, many people right away with "You need more BBs in your high cap and you need to wind your hicap for it to feed BBs".

My last gas rifle cost less than my either of my last two AEGs...(not counting PTWs).

I rebuilt 2 complete gas rifles in about a 1 hour tear down and get into two AEGs it would have been a lot more parts to fiddle with and a longer period of time.

I'm not "Must do gas rifle or die"....the last couple of games the AEGs and PTW's were pulled out....and one of those electrics will always go as a backup if the GBBR is ever used as a primary.
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