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Simply put
Neo-Gas Rifle are problemanic:
*Cool Down
*Expensive Magazine
*Parts breakage

Classic (Escort) External Air are rare:
*There's only 2 available in classified vs ~10 Neo-Gas rifle, and hundreds of electric
*Parts are hard to find
*Some of the older models have unique magazine that had been long discontinued.

But The Classics are known for their reliability. Remember alot of those are still from back in the early 90s late 80s and still ticking.

The biggest problem with Classic is the setup cost.
A Rig will Cost you $200, tank $50-$250 depending on the size and weight (if you don't mind carrying a steel tank, then its pretty cheap. Carbon fibre are expensive as hell 88ct cost $260USD.

In Short both are money drainers. New Gas rifle is the upkeep, while Classic is initial

G&P WOC w/ 6+1 mags:

WOC: $1200
Magazine: $50 each (using G&P ones assuming no leakage) = $300
Bolt Carrier Replacement: $100 (assuming you go with efficiency and went with a light carrier)

$1650, assuming no nozzle break and you are willing to take the short 210mm inner barrel. If not
Inner barrel: $50-75 (depending on length)
NPAS: $40 (FPS will be too high with longer inner barrel)
so probably n $1700 to start.

Classics: 6+1 Magazine
Daytonagun $1400 (Im just wild guessing if you import from retailer)
Regulator Rig: $200
Air Tank: $250
Magazines: ~$60
= $1900
so yea its up to you. Of course these number are fairly rough.

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