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Originally Posted by ShelledPants View Post
Uh, wut?

You don't need to be part of the sniper clinic to shoot a "sniper" rifle, unless you want to take advantage of shooting at a higher fps limit than regular AEG limits.

If the SR-25 shoots <400fps, you're good to go.

If you want to shoot higher than that, you need to make it fire semi only (as in, mechanically or electronically lock it out of full auto), and then take part in the sniper course or get the ok from the local game host before bringing it out to the field.
Yeah, that's what I thought. Okay that's good. Maybe I'll come out to an event with a friend or something.

Originally Posted by Chayce View Post
I wish I could upload a few gameplay videos of me on Alliance of Valiant Arms for you guys to compare to.

I am not familiar with airsoft.

What my question is, does the element of surprise work on a typical airsoft match?
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