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OK Just to make sure we're on the same page.... When you say "Hikers" do you mean these (Hiking/Crosstraining shoes)?

If so I wouldn't trust those for anything tougher than a marked hiking trail in Level 1 or 2 terrain (YDS rating system). I almost got a pair for hiking the Grouse Grind and other light trails that lighter footwear is probably better.


are probably what you want, maybe in more of a higher cut (roll protection) and possibly in a more "earthy tone" but they should be fine for playing.

"Gucci" Military boots like 5.11 or Magnums or w/e (or even "issued military boots") are probably the best and designed pretty much for the activity.

In fact I use a pair of McKinleys I bought $100 on sale at Coast Mountain Sports. Steel shank down the sole, good ankle and roll support, composite toe, and I replaced the stock insoles with Superfeet.

Sorry I have to get to class now but I'll be back if you have any more questions on footwear.
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