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Originally Posted by ex View Post
I don't mind people offering trades or alternate prices. I will haggle and I will hold things for you, its all part of the game. BUT the second you pull a fast one and bail on the deal and give me some lame excuse like " I got burned on a previous deal" shit after you committed to buy from me and then basically call me a potential very careful.
Relax there Mr. Scam Artist!

When buying and selling on ASC, I treat it with the same honor as I do airsoft, when on the field.

Interactions on the forum and the faceless void called the internet still reflect how honorable you are in the real world. It's easy to fuck someone or dick them around on the net, but I truely beleive these same people would do it in the real world in a face to face deal if the very real threat of a bitch slap wasn't there.

I bought an airbrush off of EX once, by the time I had a chance to pick it up, things were a little tight, did I bail? No. Why? Because I gave my word, my bond. I feel alot of younger guys will not understand what I just said, because they have not been taught about "the handshake". I was taught when you shake on, or verbaly (now today digitally) agree to something, your character, your dignity, and your honor are now linked to "the deal" and you are commited to seeing that deal through at all reasonable costs to maintain face.

Oh....and I know how you feel EX.
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