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Heh, I order things online all the time. I haven't ordered anything from anyone on ASC yet but normally I find I get notice from a seller 3-5 days after I paid for it, especially if I ordered it just before a weekend. After that and I get the notification, after a week I usually start worrying about the shipment if I dont get any word in, after 2 weeks then I start sending messages to the seller asking what the hell is going on.

But yeah I hate sellers that take a while to respond to your messages. I understand that people are busy and they have their own lives to live, but when you've paid for something, getting back to you and sending the item becomes a part of that persons "busy" life.

Ex I feel bad for you lol. Having someone go back on a deal sucks, having them make up a lame excuse sucks more, but then having the nerve to call you a scammer afterwards is just rude and pushing it.

On the whole window shopping point though. When I see an item that I like often I'll ask the buyer a question or 2 about the item and tell them straight up that I am just looking for more information on their item before I make a decision. And then based on what they respond with I may or may not go through with the purchase. Some say this is wrong because it's a tease, that you're just window shopping. In the end though it's my money until I say, yes I'd like to purchase the item. Buying something online without looking into it first is just stupid, most sellers are trust worthy but their are a few who try and slip a fast one by selling what they dont advertise. All of that can be taken care of however without being rude or causing ill feelings towards the other person.

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