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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
Scarecrow, I don't really see any similarities in the bags.
Weight and round count, yeah? What else are they going to put on it?
Seems to be an original design to me.
Funny enough, I wasn't the first one to point this out. Ever since that label appeared on the SurplusIG webstore, my PMs and emails were fairly regular citing the similarities. With Vlad's comments, the claims and the bag label, "double polish", as a whole, there is a prior art copyright case. Vlad's comments alone, as witnessed by many, are evidence of intent to mislead to gain a purchase, and thats undeniable. The association with my product with his claims, PLUS the bag really doesn't make it disputable. Also advertising BB Bastards and then telling people its out of stock and suggesting these instead is bait and switch. I could go on, but I think its pretty obvious.

The walk-in experience in Quebec may be different from your end of things in the west, and I've not heard you making any such claims, so I don't think you're being disingenious in what you've said, but you and I have done business in the past, and I know you're a switch on kinda guy, I think you see the similarities, its just rather uncomfortable for you to admit it.
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