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Well I started my reading and there were a few posts in the Canadian Law section that I wanted to add to but couldn't since it is closed. I am also a hunter and have my PAL. There were some questions on firearm transportation and storage. This is what I know:

-You can have your firearm laying in the back seat as long as you can 1) secure the vehicle, 2) keep it out of site, 3) have your firearm unloaded.

-If it isn't in a locked container than you must 1) use a trigger lock, 2) or use a cable lock, 3) or remove firing device

-If the vehicle is going to be left unattended then you should also do one of the following 1) use a trigger lock, 2) use a cable lock, 3) remove firing device and store separately and in a locked container.

-Storing your firearm you must do one of the following 1) use a trigger lock 2) lock the firearm in a secure container or room that cannot be easily be broken in to 3) store ammunition separately or in the same locked container as the firearm

If you use a soft case you must always use a trigger/cable lock or remove the firing mechanism.

On a side note I can drive around in my truck with an unloaded firearm as long as I am in a remote wildernes area

Anyway just wanted to show you I am reading Damn it is alot of reading.
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