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ASC buy and sell is not a place to window shop nor are the ad's contained herein for your leasure. they are to facilitate the sale and trade of the tools of our sport, treat the buyers and sellers with respect but above all remember we are not businesses and as such we are not here to fluff every potential sale. If you have the money availiable and you wish to buy something say something.

For the sake of courtesy try to limit your questions to..

1. If make or manufacturer is not specified you may ask. Check carefully before you ask.

2. If pictures are not present and the seller has not indicated that the item is new in box (or NIB). You may ask the seller for pictures, they might not be available, if they are not you may exercise your right to move on. Do not press the issue not everyone has digital cameras.

3. If shipping costs are not specified. You may ask the seller what the shipping costs may be or if they are included with the sale price.

4. If the seller has indicated the product is "upgraded". You may ask if they are aware of the upgrades present and whom performed them.

If your not familiar with a particular make, do your own research before contacting the seller.

These are just my opinions.
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