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Lets look at what is obvious:

To address the many, many PMs I've had on this issue:

- No, I have not authorized any use of my product, logo or methods
- No, I have not sublicensed or ricebagged my product to be produced under the Armist label
- No, Armist not using my supplier or technologies
- No, Armist is not rebranded BB Bastard

If Vlad has told you any of this, its a lie. He's on record for several things in regards to this and I've been aware of it for some months now. The question I am looking into is who authorized the production of the bag label and the claims, as they are liable for the infringement of those claims. I know of three retailers carrying the product and each are former Bastards. Each retailer involved didn't like the margins that Bastards bring (at $5000 orders about 25% - typical retailers want about 40%) so they've saught a cheaper way to meet their margins. I keep my pricing a certain way so that field Bastards who put HUGE grassroots efforts into the promotion and supply of the product aren't ripped off by retailer underselling.

But retailers selling their own brand, thats fine, I don't have a problem with that. Just don't try and rip my product off and sell a substandard look-a-like and make verbal claims about its origins being the same as mine.

I was approached by Cybergun group back in the fall of 2009 for a quantity inquiry and they put a huge order on the table should I allow them to ricebag it to them under their label. I told them no. The quantities were enormous. You know why? They wanted to rebrand it. So, if I am not whoring myself out to one of the largest airsoft distributors in NA, why would I do it for a select few in Canada? The answer is I won't because thats not what the brand or the product is about. IF I ever chose to sublicense the product, YOU would hear about it, plain and simple, because the announcement would come from me and the Bastard label would be on it.
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