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Flakers a Rant by ex

This is a Rant, it will be brief and to the point.

1. Before committing to buy anything do your research! Find out if you're willing to pay what your committing to.

2. DO NOT Commit to buy if you do not intend to buy it or if you think you might have second thoughts.

3. DO NOT Commit to buy if you are just going to ask for extensions and substitutions in your deal if you are just going to flake in the end anyway.

4. DO NOT waste my fucking time. IF you want it buy it,I will be as flexible and accommodating as possible. If not fuck off and have a nice day. Again don't waste my time and yours.

5. DO NOT act offended when I question you about why you are flaking. I have a right to be pissed. You snuck a quick one in and didn't give me a reach around.

6. Refer back to #4


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