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Originally Posted by ManGod123 View Post
Ok so ive been trying to buy A VFC SCAR-H SSR but since i live in canada i would have to risk it geting seized and i dont want that so does anyone know of a airsoft website that delivers to canada and i can not worry about my stuff geting seized.
So it seems that you are somewhat familiar with how the importation laws work.
Yet you somehow believe that there exists a magical website that the members of this community may know about that can ship restricted and prohibited items into the country without being seized. Well unfortunately for you and the rest of us, no such website exists.

Your options at this point in time are currently Canadian retailers and this websites buy and sell. Best of luck sourcing your item.

Originally Posted by Belaslav View Post
Okay, but how do other people (as in non-retailers) get their hands on something that's not sold in Canada?
They dont, you can continue to try on your own and waste your money or you can just accept that there is a system that works for the time being. How that system works is a little complicated to explain at this point in time, since it seems that you have enough to things think about I will spare you the details about it. I suggest you look at this websites frequently asked questions section.

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