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Originally Posted by Hairu View Post
is that really necessary, cause I run through forests and hike
and stuff like that a lot
and my merrel shoes have worked for all of that dont see why I need boots
ok. on a real pc now.

running in the forest and hiking are typically in a forward direction with your eyes on the path or trail that you are following.

playing airsoft requires you to move in all directions and at times it would be a sudden change of direction. PLUS, your eyes are going to be on your target or through your scope/sights and not in front of you.

if you tell me that you can scan your path/feet, sight your scope and not trip, stumble or step awkwardly all day, more power to you, but I want to be your opfor!

you might not like wearing boots but it just takes some time adjusting. I never use to wear boots and only owned one pair of doc martins for many years that I got as a present when in high school. I even wore (destroyed) many pairs of sneakers in the winter because I simply didn't want to or like to wear boots. I currently own and regularly wear 5 pairs of boots. go figure! I got use to wearing them and now wear them daily.

for fields like flag raiders, there's areas that are cleared and there are areas that have dead fall. there are also lots of ruts and gopher holes all over the place for you to step into and twist your ankle. it's not going to be fun for the people playing with you to nurse you and help you out. (as I said before, we'll still do it but...)

my first pair of "airsoft" boots ended up being a pair of hiking boots. not extremely tall or uncomfortable but plenty of support that I can't roll an ankle without significant effort. it would take me falling and twisting it plus someone else falling on it. they were cheap from Mark's work wear house.
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