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Need Help Picking mp5 Starter (Budget <400$)

Not sure if that title was quite specific enough
here's the deal, I want to get into air soft
I want a good starter gun
I want an MP5 (and not just cause everyone else has one :P)
I cant pick one

-I was looking at the aftermath broxa, but after reading on here for a while I'm starting to think that might not be a great choice
-The other ones Ive been looking at have been g&g models
this one in particular
but this one if I wanna spend more

Main thing is I'm looking for an mp5 something maneuverable with good mid range capabilities that can be well rounded and used for numerous things
and as the title says Id like to spend less than 400$ (and thats after shipping and taxes)
(I'm not a cheap-ass I collect swords, but I don't wanna spend to much cause I'm gonna have to pay for college next year)
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