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Due to some reason, there was no walk in store carry BBs Bastard anymore so I got a few bag of those out at the game, dump in my SAW and it's miss feed as hell. First, I though that is my SAW. I got back home and start to check out problem, spend the rest of weekend to sort it out but meh ! look like nothing wrong with it so I decide to open my .28 Black BBs Bastard to test out ( I only use .25 on SAW though ) damn problem solved, there is no miss feed, not even a single. I should have test other BBs long time ago.

I also test with STAR SCAR-H as well, there is no miss feed on SEMI but it won't work in full auto, it's miss feed like 3 or 5 rounds then it's jammed.

Edit : It can't replace BBs Bastard. They should have carry BBs Bastard than putting effort to produce other BBs.

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