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Originally Posted by spark-z View Post
well aren't you all a happy little bunch. I don't mind all the reading. I can start that tonight. I did find out online about TTAC3. I live fairly close to them so I was already thinking of checking them out. They are up on Dupont if I remember correctly.

Once I get some reading done and age verification accomplished I will just have to read the forums and find out where to see a game in action and talk to those people.

Thanks for the help.

Firstly, TTAC3 is VERY VERY VERY accepting of new players.

Secondly, do not hesitate to come out to a game,

All you need to bring is eye protection (I recommend paintball goggles. Ballistic goggles are accepted, but full face protection is really a must if you enjoy your teeth.) and $40. ($20 for the game fee, and $20 for a rental gun, mags, and BB's for the night).

The link above is for this Fridays game, be there on time for 8:30pm.

Brian McIlmoyle will be able to age verify you. So bring two pieces of ID, one with your picture on it. Also bring a piece of paper with your ASC name on it, clearly written.

Also, be 18 years old or over.

Do all of the above and you'll be in the world of airsoft.

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