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Re: Propane @ Costco

Originally Posted by Dart
would it be possible to make a bracket up so the a full size tank sits upside down in it than attatch a fill nozzle to a hose? be a great source for a team fill station. expecially if you had like 3 coming off it at once.... might make the propane cool way too much though.
We thought this too but someone on here mentioned that there is a safety valve on the 20lb tanks that prevents liquid propane from escaping.

I have a long hose that is also a 20lb to disposable tank adapter but it's too long and doubt the propane would stay in liquid form for too long as it will likely vaporize well before reaching the mag being filled.

Speculation: Any length of hose wouldn't be able to contain liquid propane and prevent it from vaporizing. I'm thinking it'd introduce too much heat causing it to go from liquid to gas faster.
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