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Jeez...didn't realize I posted that much, I guess I was just rambling a bit before I packed it in for the night.

If you can make it to CAPS, there's lots of guys there who can spend some time with you if you want to improve your pistol/shooting skills in general.

Hmm...why is one pistol accurate and another not? That's a complex question.

There are two main things that affect accuracy in a GBB.
1. Consistency between shots
2. Tolerances between parts
Then there's a whole lot of other stuff that affects durability, reliability, speed, etc...

If you go and buy a $400 3rd hand used junk'll have doors, an engine, steering wheel, use gasoline, etc...and get you from point A to point B.

But it's not the same as a $50k+ sports car....that has all the "same" parts.

Custom built guns, if they're done nicely, have very close tolerances between parts, reset/return to battery in a repeatable fashion and all the parts are setup so that it does this over and over without fail (fingers crossed ). Power levels are often boosted a bit as well and tweaking the shot-to-shot time of the pistol is often done too (although I'm not fast enough to notice that).

But you don't HAVE to buy/build a super tuned pistol...some models are just fantastic out of the box. Some are simply good enough for what someone intends on using them for.

Upgrading and fiddling with a gas blow back pistol is often the fastest way to absolutely ruin a perfectly good working pistol.

If you're in the Toronto area and want me to check it over, PM me...especially if you're interested in joining CAPS.

Best of luck,

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