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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Yep. I've gotten stuff from them before and they're great. The quality is obviously clone but for things like the Nintendo 3 prong screw driver and some other random stuff they're awesome.

Shipping takes a while but you can't really complain because it's free shipping. I've gotten all my stuff in less than a month from ordering.

Just don't be buying things that are "necessary". The toys, models, knives and such are all good for clone quality stuff and they definitely have their shit together.

Been a regular customer with them. Although sometimes their package arrives like it went through WW2 and sometimes too around 1 month to arrive. But the content's working well.

One of the reason it took so long to arrive is they need to get the stock from their suppliers, hence the delay of 1~2weeks from date of purchase to date of postage.

Things are so cheap there it makes me wonder where's the profit margin LOL.
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