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Wow, that was extremely in depth and thorough. You definitely know your stuff, and I Definitely need to learn (You = Jedi, Me = padawan ). Thanks for spending the time to write all that info out. I'll give some of your advice a try and see what happens, but I think I need to attend a QS session and get some proper training - a critique of my form..etc.

You Said:
Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
Airsoft pistols are also horrible target shooting guns. The inaccuracies built into the system are so variable that you can only pick up general trends...not precision target shoot.
And so I'm curious about IPSC and the airsoft pistols they're using. Although the shooters are probably Pro, but their pistols look like their built to be extremely accurate for precision target shooting. How are their pistols different from other standard GBB pistols?

Sorry if this question doesn't belong in this thread, or if it's an extremely newb question, but it just came to my mind when you mentioned...
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