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Originally Posted by Tugg View Post
i just got an idea . i was wondering if anyone sells/makes magazines that are lined with rubber on the inside, to prevent "BB rattle". i did a quick search which returned nothing, so i got thinking. for RC's (remote controlled cars) i would but a thing called plasti dip to "waterproof" the electronics on the what i was thinking, has anyone ever tried this stuff in a mag before? im not exactly sure how the internals are setup in a mag but if they are all like the one i have seen, then you could maybe open them up, take a brush and brush on some plasti dip, giving the mag thin rubber walls, reducing the sound of BBs clanking against the metal or plastic. any thoughts?

Plasti Dip -
If you put in that lining to prevent the bbs from hitting the inside, what's preventing the bbs hitting each other? Good idea but still will have the rattling. Just go with Mid caps.
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